Jones Quarantine Backyard Wedding

When my cousin Gabby first got in touch with me about photographing her wedding, I was absolutely ecstatic. When Gabby and I were kids, we lived right down the block from each other, and would always ride our bikes or scooters (yes the Razor scooters that killed your ankles) to each others houses. We also got our hair cut the same (like Annie & Hallie’s from The Parent Trap), just because we were both redheads with freckles.

Unfortunately, COVID hit – which turned their planned out church wedding into an intimate, backyard celebration. Honestly, I wasn’t complaining, but it still was unfortunate that they couldn’t have the wedding they had been dreaming of, like a lot of other couples in the world. But, when things like this happen, you need to look on the bright-side. Intimate weddings tend to focus on what really matters about the day – celebrating love, the joining together of families, and just being able to breathe each other in, and remember why you’re there in the first place. It gives you time to process and take in what is about to happen, which is a very lifechanging thing, and something that deserves to be celebrated.

When I walked in to start photographing Gabby & Derek’s wedding, there was a strong sense of calm – which is rare when photographing weddings. Usually people are bustling around, in a slight panicky manner, trying to stick to a strict schedule. Not this day. Ashley from Mash Up Look was working her magic on a bridesmaid’s makeup, while Gabby was just chilling as her hair stylist was putting the finishing touches on her hair. The ceremony was so peaceful, and with having a significantly lower guest count, both Gabby & Derek were able to just take in every single moment of their day – as it should be.

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